Trekking Routes in Turkey

Although the spring months are considered ideal for trekking, one can choose any season to get face to face with nature in Turkey. Trekking outside in the open, fresh air is necessary to remain healthy. Turkey has many areas for exploration of natural beauty. You can also explore many more trekking routes in addition to known routes.

If you want to get away from a busy life to breathe in the nature, choose trekking routes in our country. Difficulty levels can vary widely as far as trekking routes go. Some areas are hilly while some are rather flat and uneventful. Here are Turkey’s famous trekking routes:

Lycian Way

Lycian Way is one of the best trekking and walking tracks, and it is located in Antalya. This road is actually a historical road, and its most important part is the Yanartaş Region. Overall, this road has a total of 500 kilometers. You can get here by minibus and rest assured: there are accommodations to choose from.While there, do not forget to see the wish tree.

Kaçkar Track

Kaçkar and Yayla Tracks are a 45 kilometer road from Artvin to Rize. You can complete one complete round of this track in one week. The first camp place in the area is Hevek Plateau and the track ends in Ayder Plateau. Anyone can stay in this accommodation area, too. The roads among the plateaus offer a medium difficulty level.

Trekking Routes in Turkey
The Bafa Lake

Bafa Lake

Bafa Lake is in Söke Plain in Milas. You can get here after passing Çamiçi on Söke-Milas road, then passing a 10-kilometer road. The region’s best walking track is the King’s Road Walking Route which is near historical Heraklia city in Bafa Lake Area at the top of Latmos Mountain. This trekking starts from Kapıkırı Village and goes to Latmos Mountains. You can see the caves and monasteries with many famous frescoes from the Christian era. You can also explore other ancient towns at various altitudes.

Ihlara Valley

This is a 14 kilometers track in Ihlara. The valley is 100-150 meters high in total. You can visit tombs, shelters, and churches that were carved into the rocks. You can examine the churches and shelters and you traverse the interconnected tunnels.

The Yenice Forests

The Yenice Forest is in a lush green valley which is close to Safranbolu. These forests have been identified as one of Turkey’s hottest spots by the World Wildlife Foundation. The diversity of plants nurtured by the combination of water and humidity is the most valuable treasure of this walking track. This track, totalling 210 kilometers, consists of forest roads and paths.

Trekking Routes in Turkey
Belgrad Forest

Belgrad Forest

Walking on difficult tracks is not for everyone. One of these tracks is Belgrad Forest, which is 6200 meters total in length. Track is duly marked with signs and covered with a special mixture of brick dust, which provides a certain flexibility that can help avoid muscle injuries. The spring time so green here, while autumn is colorful.


Aladağlar offers a fascinating natural environment formed of deep valleys. At the same time, there are unique peaks to attract your attention. Aladağlar is a natural paradise with glaciers, natural scenery, canyons, waterfalls, and plateaus. You can visit Aladağlar National Park in the 54-hectare area between Adana, Niğde, and Kayseri.

Ida Mountains

Ida Mountains are known for their mythological legends. They are in Balıkesir/Edremit and have an unusual habitat with wide-reaching pine forests, some spooky canyons, and colorful villages. You can see many different plants in İda Mountains National Park via two distinct tracks within the boundaries of the park. However, it is possible to leave these tracks and go to different regions during trekking as well.

Trekking Routes in Turkey
Ida Mountains

Menekşe (Violet) Plateau

Menekşe Plateau is a wonderful walking trace located in the Samanlı Mountains in İzmit/Yuvacık. Trekking starts from Aytepe where you will see a wooden bridge to use to pass over the river. After the bridge, you can walk on the path until you find yourself at a hill. After a few hours, you will arrive at the Menekşe Plateau walk. Choose this trace in all seasons, not just spring and summer months.


Polonezköy natural park offers a suitable atmosphere for trekking in all seasons. You will not expend much energy on walking the flatter portions, and there are restaurants with accommodation at the beginning and end of the road that is situated among lush trees.