Bingöl City Guide

Located in the Eastern Anatolia Region, Bingöl is one of our cities with high altitudes. The geography of Bingöl, which was fed by Murat River from the branches of the Euphrates, dates back to 1300s BC. You can see the traces of the Hittite, Urartian, Macedonian, Roman, Sassanid, and Byzantine periods in different parts of the city. Erzurum and Erzincan are in the north, Muş in the east, Tunceli and Elazığ in the west, and Diyarbakır in the south of the city.

Climate and Local Cuisine

Bingöl has a very high altitude. The number of cold days in winter is high, and the temperatures are often below zero. The spring and summer periods are warmer and suitable for travel and sightseeing.

Local cuisine is equipped with a rich selection of meat and pastries. You can find the authentic tastes of the East in this kitchen. Especially gömme (burying) is one of the most famous flavors. Keledoş, mastuva, löl, sorine, kalbur hurması, and kuru dolma are authentic flavors.

Bingöl City Guide


Places to Visit

• Floating Islands – The Floating Islands, which were discovered by the villagers in the district of Solhan, have recently become popular. The floating islands in Crater Lake have moving structures of various sizes. You can also fish around the islands.

• Kiğı Çiçektepe Village Cave – The cave, which has remained from ancient civilizations, is located in the village of Kiğı.

• Zağ Cave – The cave is located on the banks of the Murat River and consists of 26 rooms.

• Kalkanlı village caves

Bingöl City Guide

Er Martyrs’ Memorial

• Cubic cave

• Fortress of Sentarius – A historic building from Urartu period, near the city center of Bingöl, on the Murat River.

• Kiğı Castle – The castle in Çiğ district has been used by many different civilizations. The fortress was built to cut off the Arab attacks and served as an observation center during the Roman period.

• Kral Kızı (King’s Daughter) Castle

Bingöl City Guide

Spectacular snow scenes


Each year in the months of August and September, horse races are conducted. The history of sports dating from the past to the present lives. Also in May, Hıdırellez Festivities are celebrated with enthusiasm.

How to get there

If you want to go by road, you can choose the Erzurum, Erzincan, or Diyarbakır lines to reach Bingöl. You can reach Bingöl from Elazığ by using Tatvan train. If you plan to travel by air, the nearest airport is in Muş and is about 118 kilometers away.


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