Erzincan City Guide

Having been the capital of Mengucek Beylic at one time, Erzincan is located in the eastern part of our country. As a result of research and excavations, remnants that belong to Hittite Civilization were discovered in this beautiful city. Having hosted many civilizations, Erzincan is established on an area where the winter has very harsh conditions. However, different surface features result in different climates throughout the city.

In this province, plants such as wheat, sugar beet, and potato are grown, which could contribute to economy of the city and country. Situated on the historic Silk Road, the city had hosted civilizations such as Hittite, Urartu, Persian, Helen, and Rome and has gained a good deal of cultural richness thanks to that diversity.

Erzincan City Guide

Traditional windows at District of Kemaliye.

As for dishes, the city has a quite rich cuisine. Locals generally prefer pastry. If you are visiting Erzincan, you should definitely taste dishes such as flour soup, stuffed grape leaves, water heurek, filled flaky pastry, sırın, and gasefe. Another cultural element carrying traces of traditions is hand copper working. From dolls to tea urn, tray, sugar bowls, and vases, various hand-made copper products are designed and produced by artisans here. You can take home a lovely memory with authentic souvenirs made of copper from Erzincan.

Erzincan City Guide

Passenger boat on the Dark Canyon in district of Kemaliye (Egin) on June 23, 2012 in Erzincan, Turkey. Kemaliye is extreme sport center in Eastern Turkey.

Away from noise and stress, getting in touch with history and nature relieves people from anywhere in the world. There are places where you can go on history tours or do sports to get in touch with nature in the city. These places are:

• Gül Ali Bey Mosque
• Mama Hatun Caravansary, Mama Hatun Mausoleum
• Abrenk Church
• Hıdır Abdal Sultan Mausoleum
• Kemah Castle
• Erzincan Museum
• Beytahtı Picnic Area

Erzincan City Guide

Erzincan Tailor Father Cemetery (Terzi Baba Mezarligi ve Turbesi).

• Munzur Mountains: It is a magnificent range mountain made of volcanic rocks. Apart from being an area where you can discover natural beauties, it has a worldwide importance because it hosts various plant and all kinds of butterflies.
• Aygır Lake
• Girvelik Waterfall: This waterfall is preferred for different activities during both summer and winter seasons. While people come to this area for picnic in summer and spring, it is preferred for ice climbing during the cold season.
• Karanlık Canyon
• Köroğlu Cave.

Erzincan City Guide

Firat River and Sultan Melik Tomb, Kemah.

Besides natural and historical sight-seeing, sports such as rafting and paragliding are done in the city. Exciting moments are witnessed through paragliding on Keşiş and Munzur Mountains. Karasu River is preferred for rafting in Erzincan, which is an ideal city for nature sports. If you are trained well, defeating challenging tracks is up to you, adventurous souls.

To visit this historical and entertaining city, there are only highway and air travel options. If you think that long bus travels from the west side would be boring, the best alternative for you will be coming here by air.


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