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Mardin City Guide: Mardin City Guide

Mardin is one of the most astonishing cities of the Southeastern Anatolia Region with its long history and many natural beauties. The history of Mardin goes back to 3000 BC. Over its long history from past to present day, the city has hosted many different civilizations, sects, and ethnic groups. Marde means “City of the Castles” in Syriac. The name …

15 Highlights of Turkey for Beginners

With thousands of years of history, Turkey is home to many interesting locations to visit. We accumulated 15 highlights of Turkey that come to mind when Turkey is mentioned.

Turkish Series’ Filming Locations for Enthusiasts

Especially in the last ten years, Turkish series have been in high demand in the Balkans, and the Middle East. The filming locations of those highly popular series attract tourists as well, so we have prepared trip tips for Turkish series fans.

Midyat Houses and Architectural Features

People of various religions and tribes settled in Anatolia, so different civilizations have lived there together for thousands of years. Today’s Anatolia, especially around Mardin, Midyat, is exceptional geography that is home to a cultural mosaic of different religions and ethnicity. The most important and prominent part of this mosaic is the historical Midyat houses. As a result of research, …

Cultural Itineraries for Turkey: Cultural Itineraries for Turkey

Although the sun and sea come to mind when we mention a holiday in our country, cultural itineraries has been welcomed with increasing interest in recent years. If you’re thinking of making the trip to discover the history and culture of Turkey, browse our suggestions regarding cultural sightseeing tours. There are traces of civilization extending all over Anatolia. For this reason, …