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Kilis City Guide: Kilis City Guide

Located in the Mediterranean Region, Kilis is a charming and quite beautiful city with a bridge between the Southeast and the Mediterranean Sea. Kilis is located at a distance of 58 kilometers to Gaziantep and 10 kilometers to the Syrian border.

Maraş Battered Ice Cream

With its magnificent aroma, unique texture, gummy consistency, and non-melting form even on the hottest days, Maraş battered ice cream is a magnificent treat that is native to Turkey and exported to many countries. Tourists in İstanbul quickly find ice cream in their hands after seeing the ice cream seller. Both the story and the recipe of the cold and …

Osmaniye City Guide: Osmaniye City Guide

Located in the eastern part of the Mediterranean region of Turkey, Osmaniye has become the 80th province. Osmaniye was home to many civilizations like Hittite, Roman, Cappadocia, and Cilicia. For this reason, you can come across a rich history and a deep culture in the city. Osmaniye is located in the south of Kahramanmaraş, east of Adana, north of Hatay, …