Scenic Train Routes in Turkey

In the last couple of years, the advertisement of the East Express, which once again attracted popularity of scenic train routes, brought the train trip back to the agenda. We have compiled the best routes you can take by train. Thus, you can get rid of the hustle and bustle of highway traffic and make an unforgettable journey with your book and coffee.

Lake Van Express

Every Tuesday and Sunday from Ankara, you can reach Tatvan by passing through Ankara – Kırıkkale – Kayseri – Sivas – Malatya – Elazığ – Muş provinces along with Van Lake Express. You can return to Ankara on Tuesdays and Thursdays from Tatvan. The journey takes 25 hours.

İzmir Blue Train – Kars Express

During the 39 hour journey starting from Izmir and ending in Kars, Ankara is reached with Manisa – Uşak – Afyonkarahisar – Kütahya and Eskişehir line. Yozgat – Kayseri – Sivas – Erzincan and Erzurum are on the second line of the long journey. This means that you visit 14 different cities, and you are traveling from west to east.

Ankara-Kars (Diesel Train) Eastern Express train wagons details, Turkey.

ZonguldakKarabük Train Route

The train departs from Zonguldak three times a day and transports you to Karabük with a journey of 2 hours and 50 minutes. The scenery is all shades of green!

Taurus Express

The train (which you possibly saw on Skyfall movie!) goes to Konya then come back to Adana. Many historic bridges, magnificent forests, and the Taurus Mountains are on display during the beautiful journey.

Scenic Train Routes in Turkey

Railway station with wagons and tracks in sunny day.

Southern Kurtalan Express

One of the most famous train systems, the Southern Kurtalan Ekspres railway lines, operates between Ankara and Siirt. The whole journey takes 24 hours to complete. You can see Ankara – Kırıkkale – Kayseri – Sivas – Malatya – Diyarbakır and Batman along the route.

Konya Blue Train

Reaching Izmir Basmane and returning to Konya, the journey takes 12 hours to complete. Thus, it is possible to enjoy the scenery between Izmir and Konya in Central Anatolia and Aegean regions.

Scenic Train Routes in Turkey

Eastern Express at snowly weather, Dogu Ekspresi, Turkey.

Erciyes Express

With the Erciyes Express, which will take you from Kayseri to Adana, you can reach 324 kilometers in 5 hours. On the route Pozantı – Ulukışla – Niğde – Yeşilhisar – İncesu can be seen.

Halkalı – Kapıkule Train

The train that goes from Istanbul Halkalı to Kapıkule Edirne, covers 276 kilometers by passing Çerkezköy – Çorlu – Lüleburgaz – Uzunköprü and completes the journey in 4 hours.

Scenic Train Routes in Turkey

Train trip from Ankara to Kayseri, Turkey.

EskişehirAfyon Train

You can travel between Eskişehir and Afyon for a distance of 181 kilometers by train in 3.5 hours. Moving from Eskişehir, you come to Kütahya and then reach Afyonkarahisar.

Eastern Express

The Eastern Express, which has become a nostalgic journey for many people, is preferred by university students, and is the most popular on social media. It is also known as the Ankara – Kars train. A total of 1310 kilometers are covered in 24 hours. There are different travel choices, including beds, couches, and pullman options. The main stops on the route are Kırıkkale – Kayseri – Sivas – Erzincan and Erzurum.

Ankara-Kars (Diesel Train) Eastern Express train wagons details.