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Turkey’s Blue Flagged Beaches

Turkey has favorable geography for both summer and winter tourism. The summer months in particular offer foreign tourists the chance to relax on “blue flagged beaches”. Certain provisions have been made, as a result of tests that determine the quality standard for sea and lake waters, to make them suitable for swimming. The Blue Flag Campaign was initiated in 1987 …

Sea, Sand and Sun Destinations in Turkey

If you are a sea, sand and sun aficionado, you should note the following destinations for the most beautiful beaches in Turkey. As most of them are blue flagged, you can enjoy the beautiful sand, crystal clear water, and sunbathing.

Hidden Gems of Turkey

If the usual routes and cities are no longer of interest to you, we have a unique compilation of 15 beautiful places waiting to be discovered. These are not the usual places that you may find in a typical Turkey itinerary. These are hidden gems of Turkey.

Izmir City Guide: Izmir City Guide

İzmir, the third largest city in our country, is located in the Aegean region. Extremely modern, the city is also one of the important destinations that holds the pulse of tourism. As a harbor city, it has hosted many different civilizations throughout history and undertook the task of being the most important city center in the Ionian and Roman periods. …