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Historical Bey District in Gaziantep

Gaziantep‘s historical Bey district is a neighborhood that has hosted Armenians, Turks, Jews, and Syrians. Today, the neighborhood manages to keep its history alive with its narrow streets, museums, and traditional Gaziantep houses. For these reasons, the town of Bey has always been the center of attention for those who come to visit.

Mevleviyeh in Turkey

Mevleviyeh started with Mevlânâ Celâleddin Rûmi during the Seljuk period. Later, Mevleviyeh spread from Anatolia all over the country during the Ottoman period. After the death of Mevlânâ Celâleddin Rûmi in 1273, his son Sultan Veled systematized his father’s thoughts and created semâ ceremonies. In fact, this has been regarded as a religious order and the name of the dervishes …


Zeugma’s history dates back to ancient times. It is an ancient city, established by the generals of serving Alexander the Great, around 300 AD. Today, the city is located within the borders of Belkıs Village of Nizip County of Gaziantep Province. The city was named Selevkaya Euphrates when it was first established. Shortly after that, the city came under the …

Hatay City Guide: Hatay City Guide

Established by Alexander the Great around 300 B.C, Hatay (Antakya) province belongs to Mediterranean Region. However, the city’s history has carried older elements than establishment period to our day. Hatay is surrounded by Adana, Osmaniye, Gaziantep, Kilis, and Syria and features a coast on the Mediterranean Sea. Having acted as a bridge between Mesopotamia and the eastern Mediterranean, Hatay was …

The Tale of Two Rivers: Euphrates and Tigris

If you are writing the history of world civilization, you absolutely have to talk about the Euphrates and Tigris rivers. These two Anatolian rivers unite in the Shatt al-Arab region and pour into the Gulf of Basra. Being in a mystic position with the metaphors, stories, legends and religious explanations that are woven around the rivers that scientists have already …

15 Highlights of Turkey for Beginners

With thousands of years of history, Turkey is home to many interesting locations to visit. We accumulated 15 highlights of Turkey that come to mind when Turkey is mentioned.

Turkish Series’ Filming Locations for Enthusiasts

Especially in the last ten years, Turkish series have been in high demand in the Balkans, and the Middle East. The filming locations of those highly popular series attract tourists as well, so we have prepared trip tips for Turkish series fans.