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Turkish Pirates

Combining truth and legend, with black eye patches and black skull flags, pirates are the fearful nightmares of sailors. Nowadays, pirates depicted in movies are barbarian haramis who seize the ships for the booty, especially in the open seas, and kill people mercilessly. However, the term Pirate in the Ottoman evokes many different meanings. Would it surprise you if we …

Most Beautiful Islands of Turkey

If you are tired of crowded cities, traffic intensity and rushing around, and you would like to find peace, you should definitely have a look at Turkey’s most beautiful islands. Islands in gorgeous resort areas such as the Aegean and Mediterranean offer relaxing holiday opportunities and an abundance of natural beauty.

Kamondo Family of Istanbul

During the Ottoman period, there was a great deal of tolerance among people. Many individuals from different nations lived happily together, especially the Jews, who settled in Istanbul after escaping the oppression and inquisition in Spain. They made many contributions to the Ottomans in terms of culture, art, and economy. The Kamondo family was one of the families that brought …