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Assertive Foods in Turkish Cuisine

The economical and socio-cultural structure of the country has a cuisine that is shaped by both nutritional habit and its agricultural structure and production.

Turkish Dairy Products and Kanlıca Yoghurt

Dairy products in Turkish Cuisine continue to decorate not only the tables of our country but the tables of the whole world. The discussions on butter are continuous. Milk, the source of healing, is considered as the cornerstone of growth which is indispensable for Turks from Central Asia. There are many different products obtained from milk to increase the body’s …

Turkey’s Best Luxury Hotels for Holiday

Many people are turning to alternative economic plans while on vacation, but if you want to pamper yourself, the luxury hotels in Turkey are waiting for you. Thus, you can accumulate unforgettable memories with expensive holiday plans.

Kilis City Guide: Kilis City Guide

Located in the Mediterranean Region, Kilis is a charming and quite beautiful city with a bridge between the Southeast and the Mediterranean Sea. Kilis is located at a distance of 58 kilometers to Gaziantep and 10 kilometers to the Syrian border.